Reese Palmer

Personal Greeter

Reese was born in January of 2008. She pretty much does whatever she wants. She only “works” a few days a week. She loves it when kids come to the office. Making new friends is her priority. She will make the most shy child open up and play with her at once! She is involved in competitive gymnastics, and she is always flipping around the office. Third grade at Pinnacle Peak Elementary may get in the way of her current work duties. As you might have guessed, Reese is Dr. Kyle and Dr. Angela’s daughter.

Kade Palmer

Personal Greeter #2

Our son was born in July of 2011. He will make you smile! He hangs out at the office most of the time. Although he is into everything, we are very lucky to be able to bring him with us. He gets several pretend “adjustments” per day. He attends kindergarten at Pinnacle Peak Elementary. He is obsessed with hockey, and can tell you any name and number of the Arizona Coyotes players. He will start mini mite hockey at the Ice Den this year.

Kristen Wynn

Office Manager

When you call Paradise Chiropractic you may have a few questions regarding insurance, techniques the doctors use, and appointment scheduling. You will probably speak with Kristen. Kristen is an Arizona native and currently attends NAU. She is working towards a biochemistry degree. She enjoys playing sports and hanging out with family and friends. She does a lot of work with the Boys and Girls Club. She spent a lot of time there growing up, and she loves to give back to the organization whenever she can! Although Kristen is away at college for now, she works anytime that she is home visiting.